Tidy Up Tuesday (a day late) – Vol. 3

Remember my last post when I said I was going to be better about getting my posts done? Then yesterday when I failed to post Tidy Up Tuesday?
Yeah…. I logged off the computer around 9:30 pm or so (early for me) and read for a while on my couch. Then at about midnight I realized I never posted. So…. I’m making up for it today.

I won’t lie friends, keeping up the tidying momentum is hard. I haven’t been doing a little bit every day, as I’d hoped, for the past couple weeks. I am keeping up with making sure the drawers remain awesome looking.

This is my 4 year old’s sock/underwear/PJ/dancewear drawer.

Small boxes work great to keep small items like socks and tights in order. (I don't fold kid socks the KonMari way, that's just asking for a bunch of mismatched pairs!)

Small boxes work great to keep small items like socks and tights in order. (I don’t fold kid socks the KonMari way, that’s just asking for chaos!)


I did make a little more progress in my bedroom, conquering the clutter on my dresser.


Ugh. What a mess! The pile on the left is items set aside to sell or donate, they just never made it to the bins. There’s a package of dried out baby wipes. Our “baby” turned four last fall, why do we still have baby wipes floating around???

SO much better now! The small boxes on the left are holding the various small things my husband left on the dresser, like gift cards he received for Christmas and a lint roller. I used the boxes our Galaxy S5’s came in (after throwing out all of the paperwork that came with the phones. We haven’t looked at those papers in the year since we bought the phones, it’s time to let it go!)

Hopefully by next week I’ll have made more progress. I just need to pick something and do it, but when there’s so much clutter, it’s hard to know where to start. Now that I’m past the clothing and paperwork, it’s the “komono” (aka miscellaneous) items. And there’s no specific order, so it’s a little overwhelming. I may have to consult my book again and consider my options.

My husband had friends over this past Sunday, so he made a lot of progress shifting the clutter in the basement around, so it looks like a livable space. That’s somewhat inspiring to really go through the crap down there and, at the very least, pull out the boxes set for Goodwill and throw them in the back of my van. Goodwill is maybe a five minute drive from my house, but it’s hard to be motivated to leave the house when it’s so cold and snowy out.

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