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Friday Favorites: Vol. 8

It’s time for….. FRIDAY FAVORITES!
That time of the week (when I remember…) where I share some things that I love.
Why do I do this? So you can get to know me, and maybe discover something new.
Leave a comment so I can discover new things too!


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-1-30-47-pmYou know you’re an adult when you get excited for a new shower head. I’m not even kidding when I tell you I was ecstatic when I bought this new Oxygenic’s shower head, hooked it up, and turned it on. It’s amazing. The shower head we’ve had for the last few years was a free “eco” one through the power company. I love the idea of going green and I try to do my best to reduce my footprint on the earth, but when my shower has virtually zero water pressure and I can’t rinse my kids hair, and on cold winter days the spray only hits a one inch section of my body so I freeze, somethings got to give.

So, despite my husbands grumbling about spending money on a new shower head when there was “nothing wrong” with our current one, I bit the bullet and spent $30 at Menards and picked up the Oxygenics Rejuvenate Fixed shower head. I bought this for a couple of reasons, 1. It has a rather large face so I had hoped that would mean a wider spray of water; and 2. The packaging says it’s an “eco” product and should reduce water use.

This beast has 10 different settings, my favorite being a “rain shower” type setting which is AMAZING. There is like, a “super” eco setting as well, but it comes out in a trickle, which is no good for me. The other setting I sometimes switch to is the massage setting, spraying the hot water on the knots in my neck or back.

So yeah, this shower head absolutely gets the job done and is well worth the $30 I paid for it! If you’re in the market for a new shower head, I would absolutely recommend the Oxygenic’s brand based on this experience.

(It’s too soon to tell, but I’ll be looking at my next water bill to see how our water usage differs with this shower head vs the free eco one from the electric company.)

Here’s the specs on this model: http://www.oxygenics.com/products/rejuvenate-fixed-2/

They don’t sell this particular one on Amazon, but here’s a similar one that looks like it would get the job done just as well.



Covet Fashion is a highly addictive FREE fashion game app. It became such a time suck for me in the fall of 2015 that I had to delete it from my Kindle and my phone. Of course, I was also working my seasonal job – up to 60+ hours each week. No wonder I didn’t have time for anything!

When I started working with my sister-in-law a couple months ago, she demanded I start playing again, so I did.

I’m less obsessive this time, thank goodness. It’s a lot of fun, too. I don’t have a large wardrobe at home because I don’t have excess income to splurge on that kind of thing (I’d rather save for big things I want, and you know, pay off my house!) so it’s fun to play a game where I can imagine I have the worlds largest closet full of more clothes than I could possibly dream of.

The point of the game is to style your model (clothes, hair, makeup, and even skin tone) to complete different challenges. Some require specific items be worn (a blue beaded purse, or a particular pair of shoes by Rachel Zoe), while others leave it completely up to you to choose whatever you want. Each challenge pays either $100 or $200 just for entering, except the daily which pays $500. You also get a daily “allowance” of tickets and diamonds just for logging in. (It’s always 24 hours from the last time you grabbed your “allowance”.)

Diamonds can be purchased, or you can earn them. They’re used to buy prize items or items that are out of season.

Once your look is styled and you submit, you receive your money, and your look goes into voting. You need to vote to get tickets (aside from the ones you get from your allowance) and that helps rate the looks. If you get a 4 star rating you get the first prize. 4.5 stars gets the prize plus 25 diamonds. 5 stars gets you the former, plus another prize. And if you get the elusive 5.8 stars you receive a whopping 5,000 diamonds! I honestly didn’t really think it was possible to do, but my sis-in-law managed to get a 5.8 a couple weeks ago! (She’s already blown through them all!)

The only downside to this game is that it glitches from time to time and their customer service… well… they’re not very bright. Let’s just say, I entered a challenge and it gave me my entry money, but took away all my other money, and their customer service insisted that the game did not cheat me out of money. After 3 times back and forth they finally realized I was correct and gave me my money. So, if you start playing, keep an eye on your money!

(And shoot me a message if you start playing so we can be in-game-friends! You can borrow from your in-game-friends closets too!)

Get The Game:
Google Play


yogiteaI recently, out of the blue, decided I want to be a tea drinker. Coffee literally makes me sick to the stomach, so I thought tea might be better.

Turns out, spiced herbal tea is amazing! I can’t drink black or green tea (at least none of the varieties I’ve tried so far!) but the Yogi spiced teas are amazing. Throat Comfort, Bedtime, and Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin are my favorites so far. They’re also the only Yogi’s I’ve tried. I need to get my hands on the India Spice, they don’t sell it at my local Target or Cub Grocery.

A few years back I bought a bunch of teacups and saucers from Goodwill for a Fairy Princess Tea Party we had for my oldest daughter and I’d boxed the tea cups away. I pulled a few out and my new obsession is stalking the Goodwill shelves for new, pretty, and unique tea cups/saucers.

My most recent purchase was a little blue/white single serve tea pot for about $2.99.

My current favorite tea cup and saucer. A Goodwill find. Google tells me it’s from the 1930’s. The bottom tells me it’s English Bone China.


So readers, what kind of lame “grown up” things make you happy?

What apps are you obsessed with?

Are you a tea drinker? Share your favorites in the comments!