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Beat The Backlist: Print Book Edition


I’m supporting Hufflepuff in the #BeatTheBacklist reading challenge.


The challenge goal: Read/review as many backlist books as you possibly can. Bonus points for social media posts!

My goal: Get through as many of my Goodreads wins and impulse library/Goodwill buys as I possibly can.

Below you’ll find my current list, though I doubt I’ll come close to reading them all! This is JUST my print books. I’ve got to take some time to compile a list of ebooks, which I can get through much quicker thanks to the wonders of Text-to-Speech (nothing like a robotic voice reading to you while you fold laundry, am I right???)

Without further ado, my list of book titles and reason for bumping them up on my TBR list.


* Note: All books are linked to Amazon with an affiliate link.

Some Boy by Patty Blount

– Goodreads win. AMAZING cover. Important topic (rape culture). Already 50% in after 2 days and in love.

Switch by Douglas Davey

– Goodreads win. It’s YA. It fits the LGBTQ reading challenge I took on. Also looks like it might be a relatively short read.

The Other Boy by M. G. Hennessey

– Goodreads win. Very short middle grade. It might bore me, but it might not. It’s about bullying. I might give it to my 4th grader to read when I’m done. Also an ARC…. I probably should have read sooner. I’m the worst.

The Black Sheep by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

– Pretty sure this was a Goodreads win. One of the very few YA’s I’ve won. Plus it looks super cute with reality TV and teen romance mixed in.

Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard by Jonathan Auxier

– Goodreads win. MG I believe. Might be a good one to read with/to my kids. Been on my TBR list since I won it. Another ARC I feel guilty for not reading sooner!

More Than Friends by Monica Murphy

– Goodreads win. YA contemporary romance. Fun cover. Second in a series, hopefully I can enjoy despite having not read book 1!

Silence by Michelle Sagara

– Goodwill find. I paid money for it, I damn well better read it! Pretty cover.

The Wizard, The Witch & Two Girls From Jersey by Lisa Papademetriou

– Friends of the Library buy. I paid money for it, I damn well better read it! If the book is as good as the title I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Legacy: A Private Novel by Kate Brian

– Friends of the Library buy. I have a feeling I won’t like this one about rich boarding school girls, but I paid $1.50 for it so I have to at least try.

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

– Friends of the Library buy. I’m iffy on this one. But it was cheap. And there are girls in tiaras. I like princesses.

The Best “Worst” president: What the Right Gets Wrong About Barack Obama by Mark Hannah

– Goodreads win. Fabulous cover. I need to read more about politics. And I love the Obama family. Big book with small print though…

How To Get Publicity For Your Book by Natalie Obando

– Goodreads win. May help with promo ideas for my own publications. SUPER SHORT – only 145 pages. I meant to read this over the summer, but it got lost in the shuffle.

The ABC’s of Adulthood: An Alphabet of Life Lessons by Deborah Copaken & Randy Polumbo

– Goodreads win. Short. Maybe I’ll learn an important lesson about adulting. I suck at adulating.

The Courtship Basket by Amy Clipston

– Goodreads win. I’ve been trying to win an Amish romance since forever. Now I can find out if I even like Amish romances!

Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin

– On loan from a friend. From at least 3 years ago! EEP! Better read and return. Hesitant because it’s chick lit and my luck with that genre has been meh.

A Night With Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday

– Goodreads win. One of my FIRST wins. Keeps getting pushed back on the list because I haven’t had much luck with chick lit. Beautiful cover though!

Something Blue by Emily Griffin

– See book 1 for all reasons. If I hate Something Borrowed I will not be reading Something Blue.


Cat With a Clue by Laurie Cass

– Goodreads win. Cozy mystery. Cats. Sounds good to me! Was going to read summer 2016 but it got shuffled aside. 🙁

Her Darkest Nightmare by Brenda Novak

– Goodreads win. Another ARC I feel guilty for not reading sooner. The author recently liked/commented on my Instagram post I made when the book arrived. Now I feel extra obligated to read/review!

The Cardboard Spaceship by Matt Snee & Gregg Chirlin

– Goodreads win. It’s….about a cardboard spaceship. I’m intrigued! Also it’s pretty short.

A Boy in Barcelona by R. W. Mitchell

– Goodreads win. Meets 2 other reading challenges (LGBTQ & Tour of Europe). Main character is quitting social media? I must see how this plays out, I couldn’t do it!

Amp’d by Ken Pisani

– Goodreads win. A book about a man who loses his arm. And it’s a comedy. Yes please.

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

– Goodreads win. I’ve heard good things about this one. I like libraries. And magic. It was an ARC and I feel guilty for not reading/reviewing yet! (BONUS: Counts for my European Reading Challenge!)

Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins

– Given to me by a friend to keep. I read most of the Lucky Santangelo series before this one. The first one, Chances, I thought I’d hate. But my friend insisted and boy am I glad I did! SO ADDICTING! I need to double check that I am up to date before starting this one, but I’m pretty sure I have at least one more to read first. Despite being HUGE books, these are totally addicting page turners. It’s good to have a little Jackie Collins in your life.