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Friday Favorites Vol. 5

Confession: I’m really afraid I’m going to run out of favorites to share!



I finished binging Supernatural on Netflix and I needed something new. I tried watching One Tree Hill, since I never really got into it when it was on TV, but despite the amazing soundtrack, it didn’t hold my attention. So then I started The Vampire Diaires for the third time through, but really thought I should try something new, so I paused that binge and found When Calls The Heart in my queue.

So, apparently this is a Hallmark show, which is a channel I don’t have because my TV has rabbit ears and pretty much stays on PBS for the kids. I binge watched the first 2 seasons in under a week. Seriously, you guys, if you love a sweet romance, check out this show. A privileged woman (Elizabeth) takes a job as a school teacher in the ol’ wild west in the early 1900’s in a coal mining town. There’s romance and drama galore, and because it’s the early 1900’s and Hallmark, it’s all pretty tame and sweet. Oh yeah, and Aunt Becky from Full House (Lori Loughlin) co-stars!




As part of the indie and small press publishing world, I’m so happy I found Indie Authors & Book Blogs (aka IABB).

Check out their Thursday Confessions. Anyone can make an anonymous confession and it will be posted on the Facebook page, allowing readers, authors and bloggers to comment. Sometimes good things are confessed, other times bad. I think it’s a lot of fun and a great distraction from real life.



I used to be a total Hanson fanatic. From 1997 until 2008. Say what you will, but those boys could write a catchy song! I don’t enjoy their new music very much, so my last concert was in 2008 at First Ave in St. Paul, MN. Opening for them were The Veronica’s and a band I’d never heard of called Everybody Else. And both opening acts blew me away. Below is one of my favorite songs by Everybody Else, but let me tell you, every song on their self-titled album rocks.