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REVIEW: Truthsong by Elisabeth Hamill

Truthsong by Elisabeth Hamill

Series: Songmaker #2

Read: 2015

Format: Uncorrected Draft

My Book Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: YA Fantasy



When Telyn’s song magic freed ancient spirits of the Wood, it also awakened a long-slumbering evil. Now she and her beloved Mithrais must battle a spreading shadow that ignites crippling fear, and deal with the unexpected consequences of magic’s return.

More danger arrives with a royal delegation to the forest realm, sweeping Telyn back into court intrigue and the sights of a murderous lord. Mithrais may be forced to choose between his service to the Wood or the obligations of his royal blood.

As Telyn’s bond with Mithrais grows, she is torn between her love for him and the freedom of a wandering bard’s life. But when dark magic plunges the Wood into chaos, she must balance the two halves of her heart—or the Fates may take Mithrais from her forever.


brings us back to the world of Telyn and Mithrais; music and magic.

Telyn is a bard, exiled from court. Mithrais is her lifemate, a ranger of an ancient order. Together they helped bring magic back to the world, awakening the tree spirits who were dormant and dying for so long. But with good comes evil. A dark presence has taken hold deep in the woods. Together the pair must work to discover what this evil is, and try to stop it.

While I didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as Song Magick, it is absolutely worth reading. Especially for fans of high fantasy. There is magic, romance, court intrigue, assassination attempts, and dragons. Yep, dragons.

Telyn loves Mithrais, there’s no doubt. But she’s conflicted. She longs for the life of a traveling bard, but being tied to Mithrais would mean putting down roots. Meanwhile Mithrais has his own conundrum, he is a ranger by birth and choice, but now he must face the possibility of having to give that life up for reasons I won’t give away.

I think what I love the most about this book is the tree spirits. They really are a character in and of themselves. They’re so much fun to read about. The dark presence is really cool too, and I can’t wait to read what happens next in book 3.

Ultimately, this is a book for fans of fantasy. If you don’t like fantasy novels, you’ll hate this book. If you expect a lot of lovey dovey romance, you’ll probably not enjoy this book as much as you’d like. BUT, if you like fantasy novels with magic and mystery and good and evil, then you should give this book a try. (But read Song Magick first! You’ll probably be lost if you don’t.)

P.S. There’s a Goodreads giveaway going on for this book HERE!


NOTE: I work for the publisher and designed the cover of this book. This in no way affects my rating and review. All thoughts are mine and do not reflect those of the publisher.

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Catch up with book 1, Song Magick, here:

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Once trapped by an ancient spell, her magic and life force bought their freedom.

“All magic is dangerous.”

The dragon opened a maw full of deathly white teeth – and yawned.

“I’ve never been afraid of the dark. I am now. Something besides dragons woke here.”

He smiled at her with pride. “Be yourself, as always.”

He turned toward her and rose up on one elbow, pale eyes gleaming in the starlight.
“Another story of darkness defeated by love.”

His forehead touched hers, voice husky with emotion. “You led me out of the darkness. I am yours, body and soul.”


REVIEW: Outlaw Cowboy by Nicole Helm

Outlaw Cowboy by Nicole Helm

Series: Big Sky Cowboys #2

Read: July 10 – 26, 2016

Format: Print Book (Goodreads Win)

My Book Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I received a copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads. This in no way affects my review or rating.

Now, I’m not a big reader of contemporary romance. Especially adult contemporary romance. However, I ended up really enjoying Outlaw Cowboy.

Caleb and Delia are both a little rough around the edges. She comes from an abusive home and has spent the last ten years finding ways to get her four younger sisters the hell away from their abusive father. Meanwhile Caleb is haunted by something his mother said, just before she walked out on the family forever. Both spent their teens getting into trouble, and both are trying to find their way as adults.

Caleb wants his family ranch. His older sister, Mel, is married now and no longer a Shaw, so he wants Shaw in his name, to be his legacy. In order to prove to Mel that he can handle running Shaw and bring the finances out of the red, he agrees to a land rental deal with the contingency that he must NOT have any dealings with any unsavory characters. And that’s exactly what Delia is.

Delia meanwhile is running from the law, and trying to find a way to get her youngest sister away from their father. After taking shelter in Caleb’s old cabin on his property, things get hot.

Now, the first almost half of this book is each of these characters internal monologues repeating over and over again what they need to do: “I need to get my sister out” or “I need to prove to Mel that I can run Shaw” etc. Had this not been a buddy read with Katie @ Just Another Girl and Her Blog, I probably would have quit. I’m glad I didn’t though, because about halfway through, things pick up. The story starts to move. It almost feels like the author needed to add to her word count, so she just repeated the same internal dialogue over and over again for the first half. But after that first half, it’s so worth it!

I actually really did like both of the characters. They were tough on the outside, but gooey on the inside, though they didn’t even realize it at first. I loved the history they had together, there were sweet moments and not so savory ones as well. In the end, they just fit. All of the problems were resolved in realistic ways. Toward the end I thought there was no way the author could wrap this up, but… she did. And well.

I’m not sure I’d go back and read the first book, about Caleb’s older sister Mel, but I’d certainly read one about younger sister Summer, she was a breath of fresh air amidst all the angst in this book!

This book also contains the longest sex scene I’ve ever read. It wasn’t super smutty, but I think it was hot enough to make romance fans happy. It was also very humorous. Yep, sexy and humorous. That’s a win!

I think fans of contemporary romance will eat this one up.


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“You can’t go in there alone.”
“Why not? I’m a man with a gun.”
“You’re the one who said she could be dangerous!”
“I repeat, I am a man with a gun.”

(Re: a banging noise coming from outside)
A shadow lingered, but without any kind of light he couldn’t make it what it was.
Tree? Raccoon? Bloodthirsty thief?
He rolled his eyes at himself. Because bloodthirsty thieves were known for knocking on doors.

“But if you had something that was yours, that made you who you are, that gave you a reason to get up in the morning, wouldn’t you do everything to keep it? Wouldn’t you fight to keep the thing that made you feel like you weren’t a complete waste of space?”

“I know you don’t think of yourself as much of a knight in shining armor, and you’re kind of a dip shit, but you did save my life…”

But last night Caleb had fussed over her and put her in one of his T-shirts, and had not copped one feel.

…Time and time again, life had given her Caleb in her darkest moments.
Now  she was going to make sure he was there in the lightest ones too.


REVIEW: Lexie Maxwell & One Spooky House by Heather Balog with Tara Balog

Look at me on a roll with another book review!
I actually have a number of reviews written up, waiting for me to find the time to post.
Additionally, I finished two more books last night, so those will soon be added to the queue.
Why are there only 24 hours in a day people!

In other news, I started training at my new job this evening. I’m leaving retail (woohoo!) and moving onto hospitality, working the front desk at a hotel. Just call me Lorelei Gilmore. (But with less power. And less coffee running through my veins.)

Without further ado, below is my review of a fun young readers novella that my 9 year old daughter really enjoyed reading with me.

Lexie Maxwell & One Spooky House by Heather Balog with Tara Balog

Series: The Lexie Maxwell Diaries #1

Read: July 11 – August 10, 2016

Format: Print Book (Goodreads Win)

My Book Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Children’s Books (9-12 years)


I received a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.


I win a lot of books from Goodreads and some excite me more than others. This was one I was pretty excited about because my oldest daughter is the perfect age to read it. I ended up reading this book aloud to both of my daughters at bedtime and they were both engaged in the story (my 9 year old more than my 4 year old). When we finished reading each night I’d get some whines accompanied by “Just ONE more chapter?”

Lexie Maxwell is spending her last summer before starting middle school trying to write a story for a contest but she keeps getting interrupted. Her mother is always demanding her attention for one thing or another. Her older sister is so annoying. Her brothers are loud and obnoxious. And was that a ghost and and her best friends saw in the empty house across the street???

Part of this story is actually the story Lexie is writing for her contest. It’s a really cute detective story about a missing dog. I especially enjoyed reading these sections aloud because I got to use the over dramatic mystery voice over. The kids enjoyed this part too because it was a mystery surrounding a missing dog.

The rest of the story takes place in the real world with Lexie and her friends trying to solve the mystery of the ghost. The mystery is solved in the end, but it was a little anticlimactic. Still, there was closure.

The only negative I can really say is that there were enough editing errors for me to take notice. Nothing a good proof reading couldn’t fix. Despite that, I would still recommend this book. In fact, as soon as we finished reading tonight, my older daughter snatched the book from my hand and said, “I want to read it again!” followed by, “I want to read ALL the books in this series!” So, you’ve got a new fan Heather and Tara Balog!


Buy the book:

Free on Kindle Unlimited or only 99 cents!


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You can also snag book two, Lexie Maxwell & Two New Kids now as well!


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REVIEW: Friday Night Brides by Samantha Chase

Friday Night Brides by Samantha Chase

Read: May 9 – August 1, 2016

Format: ARC Ebook (Kindle)

My Book Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Friday Night Brides is the story of four best friends. For the past 20 years they have modeled wedding fashions in a bridal show every Friday night. Now in their mid-twenties, we get to follow their (mis)adventures in love.

I love that this story followed four different main characters and the author did a great job weaving their individual stories into one cohesive book, and in making them stand out as their own person.

Hailey’s mom owns Enchanted Bridal, the whole reason for the Friday Night Brides existence. She’s in lust with the perfect Logan, who has never shown even an inkling of returning the attraction, and can’t stand Jackson, the long haired, tattooed bad boy who models in the shows as well.

Becca always falls for the wrong guy. She has self esteem issues because she doesn’t have the slim figures of her friends. When she meets Max though, her luck seems to turn around.

Angie doesn’t really have a filter, she tells it how it is. When her ex comes back into her life, she has to decide if she can forgive him and try again.

And finally, Ella: she and her boyfriend Dylan have been together since middle school. With their wedding looming before them, and growing out of control thanks to their families, she’s beginning to doubt being with just one man EVER.

The only reason this book took me so long to read is because I started reading too many at once. Once I dedicated myself to finishing this book toward the end of July I sped through it. I needed to know what was going to happen with each of the women. And I was not disappointed. This book reads like a drama on The CW – in a good way!

I wish I could say that one couples story was more interesting than another, but I loved them all. I would say Ella’s probably resonated with me most because she’s marrying the man she’s been with since forever. I also married my high school boyfriend and have experienced some of her same feelings about wonder what, if anything, she/I missed out on by not dating other people. As far as character growth, I feel like Hailey grew the most as a person.

If you’re looking for a fun contemporary romance that’s a little different than others, this is it for you. I was honestly afraid at first it might read like chic-lit, but thankfully it does not! (At least not the chic-lit I’ve read in the past!)


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 Okay, I was so engrossed in this book I only highlighted one passage because it spoke to me!

“You want to know how I see us? I see us as people who work hard and are planning for our future. While everyone else is running around—or sleeping around—we’re committed to each other. We’re not pissing away our money at bars and clubs. … You’re looking around and thinking ‘look at all we’re missing’ and acting like it’s a bad thing. I’m looking at the same people and thinking about it all with relief! You know what, El? I bet if you asked any of them they’d all rather be us!”


REVIEW: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

In case you missed it, JUNE IS HERE!

School is winding down for the kids, and I’m neck deep in JuNoWriMo (it’s like NaNoWriMo, but in June – the goal being to write 50K in just 30 days.) I’m making progress on the sequel to my labor of love, Blood & Magic, as well as starting a brand new novel.

On top of all that, I also started a new part time job.

So basically, I’m all over the place here!

It’ll probably be a while before I post a new review. Right now I’m making my way through A Clash of Kings, the second book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. (Better known as Game of Thrones.)

I do have an idea I’m toying with for the blog, which I may implement soon enough. You’ll have to wait and see. 😉

Annnndddd……. I’ve been meaning to share since FOREVER! I finally uploaded to YouTube the video I took of my favorite redhead Richelle Mead at the Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul, MN last month. (Yay!) And, after the video, scroll down to read my review of You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by my other favorite redhead, Felicia Day.



You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Read: May 26 – 29, 2016

Format: Hardcover

My Book Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Memoir
It’s no secret that I’m a huge Felicia Day fan. She’s my girl crush. She’s my patronus. She’s me, but way cooler. In like, a super geeky way, or whatever.

Here are some similarities between myself and Felicia Day: We both enjoy the smell of gasoline, we’re both recovering WoW addicts, we’re both a little socially awkward but feel at home on the Internet, and we both want to please the people around us.

Okay, so if you have no clue who Felicia Day is, I’ll clue you in. She’s the writer/creator/star of ‘The Guild’ web series, founder of ‘Geek & Sundry’, starred alongside Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and oh yeah, she also played a recurring character named Charlie on a little show you may know, Supernatural?

So yeah, Felicia Day is all around amazing. And this book gives the reader a glimpse into how she got there. Fun fact: Felicia was homeschooled (but not for religious reasons). She was raised very liberal in the deep south. Her mom had great intentions for homeschooling, but that sort of went out the window and Felicia and her brother were basically allowed to do whatever they want. And you know what? Even with that incredibly casual learning environment, girl went on to college (without even having her GED mind you!) and earned TWO degrees – in violin and mathematics, all on a violin scholarship.

I loved that this book gave a little glimpse into what it’s like to be an aspiring actor in Hollywood. And, how to make a TV pilot with a teeny-tiny budget.

What I loved the most, however, was seeing more of who Felicia is as a person. Her addiction story is crazy similar to mine. She got started with an old PC game called Ultima. My first gaming addiction was World of Warcraft (aka WoW), which was also the big one that nearly destroyed her life. WoW was also my last gaming addiction, because I just don’t allow myself the chance to get sucked in any more, because chances are I will be. She talks about how depression affected her and her relationships. She got deep at times. And it was awesome.

I wish this book was longer though. I want to know more. I loved the little stories, but I didn’t feel like we were getting a complete and clear picture. She jumped around to different points in her life, which is all good and well, but at times she wasn’t clear on what timeframe it took place in. Was she 7 or 17 when that happened, I just don’t know!

So, what I need from you Felicia, is a sequel – You’re Still Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) perhaps? I’d also like to read some fiction because you have a wonderful, quirky author voice.

End thoughts: If you’re a fan of Felicia Day, read this book. If you’ve never heard of her, but you’re curious to read about a funny woman and her unusual upbringing and her rise to (situational) fame via the Internet, read this book.



On Childhood:

Ballet, tap, jazz dance, youth orchestra, martial arts, watercolor at the local community college (me and a bunch of eighty-year-old rocking’ the stand of maple trees!), cross-stitch, poise class (held in the back of a department store, for REAL!), my mom basically trained me to become a geisha.

(From young Felicia’s diary)

“Do you know what I would like more than anything (except environmental and biological stability forever) in the world? I would like to travel in time like in Quantum Leap. It would be so wonderful.”


The only kid, in real proximity to me was Erin, a thirteen-year-old who lived next door. She taught me that owning a trampoline was the most glamours thing a girl could have, and that jelly shoes were haute couture. I learned all this through spying on her through my bedroom window, because she didn’t like me and wouldn’t spend any time with me, physically.


My weirdness turned into my greatest strength in life. It’s why I’m who I am today and have the career I have. It’s why I’m able to con someone into allowing me to write this book. (Hi, Mr. Simon and Mr. Schuster!)


On Addiction:

(If I did drugs, I would totally be a sniffer. Gasoline and Magic Markers, I gotta fight against getting my nose all up in there.)


I tend to obsess over things easily. Like eating oatmeal every morning for a year, wearing a pair of sneakers over and over again until my big toe pokes out, and having an unhealthy fixation on the martial arts personality Jean-Claude Van Damme.


On Her Career:

 With zero dollars and incredibly high standards, I had to look in creative places for set decorations.

Thus began my obsession with trash.


And that’s how we made four more seasons (of The Guild) with Xbox. Because I dug my heels in and was unreasonable, and got rewarded for it.


I love it when people tell me I’m doing the wrong thing, or that something isn’t possible, or just straight dismiss me. That lights my fire in a perverse way, like a two-year-old who deliberately touches a hot stove after you tell them not to. But compliment me or expect something big? That’s the perfect way to destroy my confidence.



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REVIEW: A Thousand Sunsets by Jannie Lund

No Tidy up Tuesday today. I think that will become a more sporadic thing, since I’m not being very good about working on it daily. I did conquer some clutter this past week, but I was too lazy to pull the photos from my phone to the computer so… maybe next week?

I do have a review of a book I really enjoyed though!

A Thousand Sunsets by Jannie Lund

December 2015

Kindle Ebook

My Book Rating:
4/5 Stars

Contemporary Romance

I didn’t read this book for the longest time because, based on the blurb, I didn’t think I’d like it. I gave it a chance after reading another of the author’s books, Finding Clara. In the end, I really enjoyed this story. Jannie Lund has become a MUST READ author for me, as this is the second book I’ve read and really enjoyed from her. (Her new Vintage Dreams will hopefully be read and reviewed within the next couple months as well!)

Anyway, in this book, Alexander was rescued from the streets as a kid by an old man named Patrick McCullough, and later adopted by the man, and now he’s a doctor.

Sarah is the granddaughter of Patrick, an artist, who has dealt with both the loss of her grandmother—Patrick’s wife—many years ago, as well as her father more recently.

When Patrick, on his death bed, asks that all of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren come see him at his manor, things are shaken up and will never be the same. Patrick was born in Ireland to a poor farmer, he never expected to be anything more than a poor farmer himself. However, he fell in love, proposed marriage, and asked her to go with him on a journey to a new life in America, where he became very successful. In trying to give his family everything he didn’t have growing up, he neglected to give them his time and attention. Before he’s realized it, his life has passed and his kids want nothing to do with him.

This isn’t a typical romance in that the story isn’t just about Alexander and Sarah. They are a big part of it, and sort of the glue that holds things together, but the bigger theme of the book is learning to forgive and make the best of what you have.

By the end of this book, Patrick may not have had all of his wishes granted, but he’s able to move on knowing he’s done all that he could do to repair the scattered remains of his family.

I definitely recommend this book to those who are looking for a romance that’s a little outside of the box.

Disclaimer: I work for the company that released this book, however I receive no monetary compensation for any sales of this book. My employment with the company in no way changes my opinions or rating of the book.

REVIEW: Monarch by A. R. Ivanovich

MonarchMonarch by A. R. Ivanovitch

Series: War of the Princes #3

Read: January 24-25, 2016

Format: Kindle Ebook

My Book Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: YA Fantasy


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Monarch, like it’s predecessors, Haven and Paperglass, is a fantasy / steampunk novel packed with action, adventure and surprises.

We pick up immediately after the events of Paperglass with Katelyn and crew fulfilling their promise to Common Lord Brendon Axton in helping to aid the city of Breakwater.

I love that in this book we get to learn more about the Northern army. We already learned a lot about the Dragoons and Margraves of the West in previous books, but the Northern army has their own tricks up their sleeves as we learn in this book. And secrets.

I really can’t say much without spoiling the plot, but I’ll tell you this. There’s a huge secret unveiled and a huge betrayal. Beyond that… I just can’t!

I know this is pathetically short, but if you enjoyed the previous books, I think you’ll enjoy this one. The set up for the end is beautiful and I honestly don’t know how everything will go down.

The only criticism I have is that up until the 40% mark it kind of dragged. Then—BAM! We’re thrown into the action again. There were also a couple of editing mistakes I caught as well, but not enough to pull me out of the story or lower my rating.

REVIEW: Paperglass by A. R. Ivanovitch

Paperglass by A. R. Ivanovitch

Series: War of the Princes #2

Read: January 4-15 2016

Format: Kindle Ebook

My Book Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: YA Fantasy

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Paperglass is the sequel to Haven and picks up a year after the events in the first book. If you haven’t read Haven yet – What are you waiting for? The book is amazing!

Anyway, in Paperglass we find our heroine, Katelyn, graduating from high school, ready to set off in the world. After leaving her peaceful haven in Haven (see what I did there? Sorry…) Katelyn vowed never again to leave Haven for the war-torn outside world. Then, everything changes. A man commits an act that puts many lives in jeopardy, including Kaelyn and her friends. Soon she finds that Haven’s government is hiding things from it’s citizens and Katelyn is tasked with using her talent of finding anything to lead a rescue team to the outside world to rescue a group of Havenites who have left their protective country and ventured into what was unknown to them, but a world Katelyn knows all too well – she bares the scares.

Unwilling to bring more people to the outside world and risk their lives, she sneaks off to rescue the team, led by an individual going by code name Paperglass. Once back on the outside, Katelyn finds herself in an alliance she doesn’t quite trust, and three other surprises are waiting for her.

Paperglass reunites us with characters we knew and loved…and hated from Haven, as well as introducing us to new characters and more of the outside worlds war and politics. There are twists and turns, just when I think Katelyn is home free, safety is torn from her. Everything is so well thought out and put together, it just flows from one scene to another. The only reason it took me 11 days to finish this book was because I had to read another book for my job.

If you loved Haven, Paperglass will surely keep your attention and leave you desperate to find out what happens next, in book three of the War of the Princes series, Monarch.

NOTE: Paperglass was previously released under the title Dragoon.

REVIEW: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Read: September 2015

Format: Audiobook

My Book Rating: 4/5 Stars

Narrator Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary YA

Prior to this book, my only knowledge of John Green came from seeing the movie The Fault In Our Stars, and hearing about him from some of the Nerdfighters I used to follow on YouTube. I finally caved and decided to find out why people loved John Green so much. I’m glad I did because, though I wasn’t so sure about this book in the beginning, I had quite a laugh on the journey to THE END.

Colin Singleton has only dated girls named Katherine—nineteen girls named Katherine. There’s just something about that name that draws him in. After being dumped by yet another Katherine, his best friend Hassan convinces him to go off on a road trip with him.

Together the young men find themselves in Gunshot, Tennessee where they meet a lively cast of characters and Colin works on a mathematical formula to predict how long a relationship will last, using his own relationships with his many Katherines.

I’ll be honest, the mathematical theorem was ridiculous. All of the math jargon went right over my head because really, math and I don’t get along well. I spent quite some time trying to figure out what the actual plot of the book was, and though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it for some time, I didn’t really care because I was laughing out loud at some of the things Colin and, more notably Hassan, said. Those two are absolutely ridiculous together and I loved it.

In the end, the story did have a conclusion and I realized the plot was really Colin coming to terms with being dumped by his latest Katherine and learning to move on.

If you like comical, character driven stories you may want to give this one a try. If you’re looking for something with a lot of action and drama, look elsewhere.

REVIEW: Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

Read: September 2015

Format: Kindle Ebook

My Book Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Should’ve Said No is exactly the type of romance I enjoy reading. It’s clean, you know there’s going to be a happy ending, the characters are easy to like, and there’s an actual plot – not just relationship drama!

After losing her job at the Smithsonian, Lindsey takes a job as a museum curator in the small town of Thistle Bend, Colorado. Moving from D.C. to this tiny town is a bit of a culture shock for her, but she makes the best of it, knowing she’ll be out of there within a year or so.

Carden is basically a dream boat. Not only is he extremely successful and one of the most eligible bachelors in Colorado, he’s also immensely generous, helping out anyone who needs it, despite his obligations to his career and the ranch he runs. When Lindsey first meets Carden, he’s taking care of some last minute fixes in the house she’s renting and she mistakes him for a handyman. He’s absolutely gorgeous, but Lindsey doesn’t want to get involved with anyone, doesn’t want to put down roots.

Another reason Lindsey knows she can’t be with Carden, despite the sparks that are flying, is the family feud. Carden’s family has been feuding over a land deal that happened over a hundred years ago, with Lindsey’s family. Well, her family by marriage anyway – her aunts marriage into the other family involved in the feud. Nobody knows that Lindsey is connected to one of the families, and as curator to the museum, it’s her job to try and find the truth of what really happened in that land deal and hopefully put the feud to rest once and for all.

I enjoyed trying to guess what really happened all those years ago along with Lindsey as she dug up the clues. She was a strong, independent woman who knew what she wanted. I often dislike the heroine’s in romance novels because their main focus is getting the man. That’s absolutely not the case here. And, if I don’t hate the heroine, I hate the hero. But I didn’t hate Carden either. They were both well developed, interesting characters.

This is absolutely an enjoyable read and I most definitely recommend it. I’ll be looking for more from Tracy March in the future!