REVIEW: The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand
Read: Feb 27 – March 11, 2016
Format: ARC Ebook (Kindle)
My Book Rating:  2.5 Stars
Genre: YA Humor

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book… the cover is awesome. The description is awesome. But the book…. It fell short of expectations.

The story is about Justin, a high school freshman who sets out to make the greatest zombie movie ever. He has almost no budget. He has no script. He has literally nothing except himself and his two best friends and a total of about 12 days from start to finish to complete the film. Of course it’s going to be a disaster.

Now, there were plenty of good things about this book. The warning at the very beginning set the tone and had me laughing out loud and reading parts of it out loud to my husband, much to his dismay. Justin’s mom has some very funny lines. Justin trying to B.S. his way into convincing the principal to let them film in the school, and the actors audition scene, were both pretty darn funny. In fact, there were a lot of laugh out loud moments.

At first I really couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me about this book. It held my attention enough to keep reading, but when I wasn’t reading, I never felt like I WISH I was reading this book.

Then it hit me, the reason I had trouble with this book was because in my opinion, all of the characters were the same. They all acted/reacted/spoke in very similar manners to one another. At any given time, any character could be speaking and without the dialogue tag, it would be anyones guess. And yeah, it was funny at times, but after a short while, it was too much. Also, aside from Justin’s parents, all of the adults in this book were pretty terrible excuses for human beings. Maybe that’s just the 15-year old main characters view of them, but I’m going off of the direct quotes from them. The adults in this book are terrible. From Justin’s Grandmother to his friend Bobby’s uncle. Every last adult (aside from Justin’s parents) were pretty awful.

And finally, this book was just too long. I got to a point where the humor was just irritating.

All of that said, I think pre-teen boys would get a kick out of this book. I have a 14-year old nephew and I could see him in a lot of these characters and how they acted.

So… would I recommend this book? Yes, but only to pre-teen/teen boys. Or people with the humor of pre-teen/teen boys.

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